1990 – Mirex-21 Ltd starts its production activity with overhaul of boilers at heating power plants GABROVO, RUSE-WEST and SUGAR REFINERIES – Gorna Oryahovitsa. During the following years other heating power plants become company clients:

1990 – in the end of the year starts the company program for design and construction of gas pipelines and facilities. The first gas sites are realized in Ruse and cover the larger factories: ORGAHIM, YUTA, ZHITI, PETAR KARAMINCHEV, VINPROM, DUNAVIYA, PRISTA, DUTY-FREE ZONE, etc. that represent more than 60% of natural gas consumers in the city.

1991 – Mirex-21 Ltd starts with installation and repair of industrial steam and hot-water boilers, steam and water industrial and heating installations.

1994 gasification of furnace for sheet glass PITSBURG in DIAMANT – Razgrad with 96 burners and over 5 km of gas pipelines with a Siemens control system.

1994 – gasification of Hot-house – village Marten, Ruse district – the length of the gas pipeline is 8200 m, the construction is carried out and 8 pieces of boilers are supplied with gas.

1994 – realization of decentralized boiler station at District heating company – SHUMEN

1994 – buying and equipping of its own production site and storage area for manufacture of metal constructions, billets and spare parts servicing the main installation works.

1995 – gasification of Hot-house - village Zhvanichevo, Pazardzhik district – with 7200 m gas pipeline and 14 pieces of boilers.

During the next years the company realizes projects for usage of natural gas in Han Asparuh – Isperih, Poultry abattoir and Secondary technical school of construction – Dobrich, Sugar refinery – Dolna Mitropoliya, Bread-making plant – Shumen.

1999 – realization of decentralized boiler station at District heating company – Ruse together with miles of heat transfer pipelines.

2000 – only for 6 months Mirex-21 Ltd has built the largest private gas pipeline in Bulgaria – of KAOLIN JSC - with length of 27300 m. Mirex-21 Ltd has also supplied with gas the factories in Senovo and Vetovo.

2000 – opening of own offices provided with a good office equipment, hardwear and softwear equipment.

2002 – 2003 – large building projects are realized for storage and usage of gas propane butane – Stores for reserve fuel – naphtha and gas propane butane STIND JSC. – Sofia, stores and evaporation station for gas propane butane for grain dryer in Papas-Olio – site Balchik and stores for 2000 m³ gas propane butane of Bulmarket DM in Ruse.

2003 – first diagnostic and repair works in District heating plant of Sugar refinery – Bitola, Macedonia.

2004 – building and modernization of storage base for petroleum products of ROMPETROL – BULGARIA in Ruse with a capacity of 6400 m³ liquid fuels; mounting of technological pipelines and equipment of the largest storage base for gas propane-butane in Eastern Europe with a capacity of 9600 m³ - of GASTRADE in Kostinbrod.

2005 – design and construction of refinery for biodiesel production in Lovech /Biodreams Ltd. – Sofiya/, building of workshop for silica sand washing in Devnya /Kaolin Jsc./, gas heating with linear radiant heaters for corrugated board storages at the platform of STIND – Sofiya.

2006 – design and mounting of technological installations of a furnace and household glass production lines in New Glass Jsc. – Novi pazar, construction of silica sand drying installation in Devnya /Kaolin Jsc./.

2007 – station for catching of hydrocarbon gases at petrol terminal “Rompetrol– Bulgaria” Jsc. – Ruse. Warehouse for storage of dry sands in Kaolin Jsc. – Senovo. Installation for drying of quartz sand - Kaolin Jsc. – Devnya – complex site execution. Installation for liquid fuels indication in petrol terminal of Rompetrol Bulgaria Jsc.– Ruse. Silos for bulk products – factories Ignatievo and Ustrem – Kaolin Jsc. Production and mounting of steel tanks, cisterns and silos in Plant for biodiesel - Astrabioplant EOOD - Slivo pole. Storage facility for liquid fuels - technological pipelines - Gastrade Jsc. - Kostinbrod. Mounting of technological pipelines - Plant for production of automobile components from aluminium alloy Montupet EOOD - Ruse. Premises for drying installation for quartz sand in factory Devnya - Kaolin Jsc.

2008 – premises sand classifier on three levels in factory Vetovo - Kaolin Jsc. Execution of Gas pipelines and gas heating in packing workshop "Decoration" with high and low intensive heating bodies - New Glass Jsc. - Novi Pazar. Metal shed - open storage facility - part Constructions - Plant for production of automobile components from aluminium alloy Montupet EOOD - Ruse. Tank for fuels marking - Petrol terminal of Rompetrol Bulgaria Jsc. - Ruse. Execution of installations for natural gas, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, compressed air and water - Keros Bulgaria Jsc. - Production and mounting of metal structures and parapets - Plant for production of automobile components from aluminium alloy Montupet EOOD - Ruse. Production and mounting of metal construction, wall and roofing panels - workshop for calcined kaolin in factory Vetovo - Building of mill - Kaolin Jsc. Delivery and mounting of gas and heating installation in Plant for production of cotton articles Septona Bulgaria Jsc. - Ruse. Workshop for production of fine sands in factory Senovo - Kaolin Jsc. Transportation trestle toward workshop for production of fine sands in factory Senovo -Kaolin Jsc.

2009 – Construction of boiler plant, heat user station and overall heating installation - Megamall Jsc. - Ruse. Production and mounting of steel products and equipment - Montupet EOOD - Ruse. Installations for natural gas, compressed air and heating, boiler room, ventilation and air-conditioning - Administrative building - Keros Bulgaria Jsc. - Ruse. Pipes installations toward system of heating and air-conditioning on site: Trade centre Danube mall - Ruse.

2010 – Installation for supplying of natural gas, sprinkler and fire systems on site: MALL Ruse - East Industrial Zone. Mounting works on site: "Warehouses for liquid fuels" of Gastrade A.D. – town of Asenovgrad. Construction of roof ventilation – Montupet EOOD – town of Ruse. Reconstruction and extension of warehouses for liquid fuels and propane butane, and loading dock – part Mechanical and technological, part Electrical and Measuring & control devises and automation, ground water conduits – Toplivo Jsc - Sofiya

2011 – Design and execution of core platform in core shop – Montupet EOOD – Ruse. Production and mounting of metal constructions and steel pipe railings – Stanka Wasilewa KG – Vienna – Austria. Production and mounting of metal constructions – production building, shed, roofs, telpher roads, automatic fire installation, fire pump station together with control valves KSK – Atlas Copco Lifton EOOD – Ruse. Supplying stainless piping system for compressed air of core area – Montupet EOOD – Ruse.

2012 – Production and mounting of metal constructions for 100 t silos and furnace – Montupet EOOD – Ruse. Production and mounting of 3 silos - 100 t, 1 silo - 10 t, stairs, platforms and railings for silos – Montupet EOOD – Ruse. Supplying of skid system to receive diesel – Petar Karaminchev AD – Ruse. Production of metal constructions on site: Warehouses for temporary storage of waste and materials in Montupet EOOD – Ruse /building „В”: Warm storehouse; building „Д”: Storehouse – empty packings; building „Г”: Storehouse fuels/. Basic repairs, reconstruction and reorganization of hotel building in area Ikantalaka, Kavarna – Production and mounting of metal constructions – St. Georgi Resort and Spa AD – Sofia. Reconstruction of gas installation for vanna furnace – Druzhba Glass Factories AD – Sofia. Construction and mounting-installation works on part Technological on site: Current repairs and renovation of Workshop Nr. 4 – Atlas Copco Liftan – Ruse.

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