Photography 2

Gas installations – New Glass JSC. – Novi pazar

Workshop for crushed calcined kaolin, mounting of machines and technological equipment, strainer of drying installation for sand – Kaolin JSC. - Senovo

Technological pipelines - gas, water, air and nitrogen – Montupet EOOD – Ruse

Production hall of Mirex-21 Ltd. - Ruse

Technological pipelines – Keros Bulgaria JSC. - Ruse

Heat-user station – Megamall Ruse

Customs Vidin – TIR Terminal – New storage for taken goods – Vidin

Metal construction – shed and fire stairs – Montupet EOOD

Sprinkler installation and fire panels – Mall Ruse

Storage tanks and filling installation for light fuels – Petar Karaminchev - Ruse

Metal construction and stairs – Montupet EOOD

Metal construction – production building, roof and shed – Atlas Copco Lifton

Non-standard metal constructions

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